20. Mixed. Born To Die.

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Anonymous said: Where do you live

You sending me some brands ?

Anonymous said: What's the youngest you'll date or talk too


Anonymous said: Im sorry if i got u heated over that last question, but now i understand how u feel. One day will be your day.

Lol I guess you can say I was heated …

Anonymous said: Even if some1 do catch feelins for u & u dont catch feelins 4 em bck, itll kinda look like you're being picky; falling inlove w/ people u think u might hve a chance w/ when really u dnt. Instead those who throw themselves at u deserve those chances.

I’m not picky , the only thing I don’t want is someone boring … Any one can have a chance but not many people can keep me interested.

People change and I sit back then just let it happen, no feelings or nothing .. The door is always open.

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50 Cent - In Da Club

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Anonymous said: Do u even wanna gf, cus it seems like when most girls on here throw themselfs at u, u jus turn em down. I understand you dont know them at alk but will u be willin to try.

I guess they *throw them selfs at me.*
I never said I didn’t want a gf I just gave up on relationships wasted too much trying to stay with one but bounce off to another.
I mean if wants to get know me or be friends I don’t mind , just don’t catch feelings cause I won’t.

Anonymous said: Do you have a snap chat ?


psychedelic-sluts said: baby you're so gorgoues 😩😍😍😍🙌 let me luvvv on ya

\😚/ give me all your luv

goldenxkush said: Bless your soul 😩


Anonymous said: Give me head baby 😩 while I pull your hair

Pull my hair and my tongue will dance inside you while I grab you closer to my face then my tongue goes in deeper.

Anonymous said: Do you braid your hair yourself?

Plats and two string twist I can do myself … Cornrows I can’t do ( still learning )